FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

All of the properties we sell belong to Evergreen Land Investments, or one of our managed companies. We own all of the properties we sell. We do not sell land which belongs to other companies or other individuals.

No. We are a wholesale land company. Real estate companies sell real estate which belongs to others, and they earn a commission from the sale. We own all of the properties we sell. In addition. we sell directly to the public, avoiding realtor’s commissions, allowing us to sell our properties at below market prices.

Evergreen Land Investments prides itself in providing first quality land which has been hand picked and is brought to market at below market prices with no Realtor’s commission added to the price. Also provided with every purchase, a state certified survey, soils test confirming the property is build able, warranty deed, low rate financing, and a friendly, knowledgeable land consultant that is an expert on the property and will provide assistance and direction in the land buying process.

We do put sensible protective covenants on the land, and put them in place to protect the value of your purchase. We do not call them restrictions; the fact is they are more protections than restrictions.

Yes. Many buyers choose to purchase more than one property and we do not put limitations on our customer’s wants and needs.

If you choose to pay cash, you can take ownership in as little as 10 days. If you choose to finance the purchase closing can take place in 14 to 21 days.

In areas where city or county sewer is not available a “perc” test is performed by either a certified soils consultant or the county environmental health department. The test is performed to confirm soils suitability that an on-site septic system can be installed. This test must be performed before a building permit is issued. Evergreen Land Investments performs soils testing and guarantees suitability for an on-site septic system on all properties sold.

A warranty deed is the best deed that can be offered to take ownership to property. A warranty carries a guarantee that the property has a clear title, free of any type of lien or encumbrance.

The properties that we sell have availability to electricity and telephone. These services are available along the road frontage of the property. The only cost to the customer for these services is the expense of bringing the services to the home.

We sell property which is zoned for residential use only. Most of our customers are looking for either a permanent residence, weekend/retirement residence, or a vacation home.

Yes. Although there are many financial institutions that will not finance land or will, but require a large down payment. Evergreen Land Investments has prearranged financing with low down payment and competitive rates.

You are certainly free to do so, but, Evergreen Land Investments can provide access to an attorney that is familiar with the property and also familiar with the title of the property and can provide legal documentation and legal advice at significant savings.

I was looking to buy land for a commercial development, and I needed someone who knew the market. I spoke to Chuck Payne and they were incredibly knowledgeable. They knew all about the different areas and what the current market conditions were like. They also helped me find a property that was zoned for commercial use. I would highly recommend Chuck Payne to anyone who is looking to buy land for a commercial development.

Thomas Family
Lot 115
Eagle Pointe