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Land has an intrinsic ability to inspire us, provide serenity and
foster dreams. Evergreen South is proud to carry on the tradition
of helping you, our client, discover the benefits of owning land
and then finding your perfect piece of property to fit your
lifestyle, vision and budget.
We are committed to careful environmental stewardship, high
integrity transactions and most of all – making the process of
purchasing land smooth and seamless. Our goal is to make
your dream of living surrounded by natural beauty a reality!
We hope the following information provided in our Lake
Buyers Guide will help you make an informed and confident
decision when purchasing land from us. If you have any questions,
please contact your Land Consultant who will be happy to
help you.
You may have noticed we use the word family. When it comes
to those customers that select us, we think of you just like that.
We look forward to helping you find your dream property and
welcome to a new level of service, welcome to Evergreen


Our company, located near Charlotte, North Carolina
is designed with a highly specialized and
experienced team of professionals to serve our
customer’s needs in the residential and recreational
property markets. We take pride in our vast real
estate knowledge and exceptional customer
service. In addition, our company provides many
local job opportunities while making improvements
to landscaping, roads and architectural structures.
It gives us great pride knowing that residents are
happy to see their neighborhood revitalized.
Our twenty five plus years of combined experience
has earned us a solid reputation of offering the
best tracts of land at the lowest possible prices. In
addition to our current projects, Evergreen South
Development, Inc. has been involved in over 50
projects primarily focused on lakes, rivers,
coastal and mountain lands spanning North
Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, South
Carolina and Virginia.


Since the passing of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974, IRA and 401(k) plans have given and afforded investors the ability to purchase real estate while diversifying their portfolio and retirement wealth. When you tap into these plans there is no penalty and you get to invest in what you know. This gives you the leverage to see real gains and be your own wealth advocate!
FINIANCING: Conventional Financing is the easiest way to purchase property. Evergreen South Development, Inc.
works with several banks and institutions to make the process simple. There are many options
available for A new land purchase. A loan used to purchase land works just like a house payment.
You will need 25% down and the bank/institutions with finance the rest.
HOME EQUITY LOAN (HELOC):While interest rates have been at historic lows, a HELOC and/or Home Equity Loan can add liquidity
to your investment or retirement portfolio enabling you to make a timely purchase while taking
advantage of the aforementioned low rates. With rates as low as 4.27% and low prices you’ll be eligible to take an interest tax deduction on the loan utilizing part of your home equity to purchase land.

“Land prices rose nearly everywhere in the country in 2021. The white-hot land market we’ve seen nationwide during the pandemic was spurred by a combination of low mortgage rates, remote work allowing buyers to do their job just about anywhere, and a wave of first time land buyers into the market. Long before the pandemic, there wasn’t enough land available to meet the rapidly growing demand.”- Landthink.com
“Most people think that land investment is only for real estate developers who buy big parcels of land for commercial or residential development. But actually, investing in land is one of the greatest investment strategies
available for everybody who wants to build wealth! As the supply shrinks and the demand increases, the value goes up. The supply and
demand equation is the essence of our free market economy.” -Forbes
Have You Considered?
When real-estate prices are
down, it looks like a good time to
pick up a second property to use
someday for vacation or
retirement. But then you’d
have the hassles of
maintenance and perhaps
dealing with renters, not to
mention the cost.
There’s a better alternative:
buying raw land. You’d have
your spot nailed down, and you
could always build on it later.
Plus, by having less money
tied up, you could finance
construction by selling your
current home later when
prices are higher.
Land is more fun to own than stocks. There is a reason it is called “real” estate. When you own the land, you have the foundation to dream, plan and, build your new home when the time is right.
Buying direct from a developer will save you money. It is important to anticipate all future development costs and eliminate surprises. When you buy from a land developer, the cost of infrastructure and modern amenities is part of the package. Take advantage of developer pricing. Buying directly from a developer saves you thousands of dollars.
Purchase land in the path of growth. Owning land near prime, up and coming markets means your property has a greater chance of increasing in value at a faster rate. Purchase high quality land for the best value. Natural beauty is universally attractive: the presence of trees, creeks or streams, hills and picturesque views often yield higher values over time.
Plan ahead to secure a 15% down payment for the day of the sale. Planning is the most important secret to acquiring the property of your dreams. Having your down payment in hand allows you to make a decision the same day – ahead of competitive buyers who may be considering the same property.
When a land developer has established relationships with well-known banks and mortgage companies, it is another indication that they are a reputable company that you can trust. It should raise a red flag if the developer just wants to sell you the property and then leave you to find your own financing. Evergreen South Development, Inc. has the best financing available offering several different payment options and terms. 

Buying land in the current economic climate, or especially when property prices appear flat, may seem like risky speculation. However, for the astute investor, buying the right land is a sound investment if you know what to look for and how to get the best support from the experts.
We provide the following assurances so you can feel confident when making your purchase with us:
•Value Priced Property with Protections to Ensure Investment
•Vital Information Statement with All Relevant County Contacts for Utilities and County Resources
•No Bidding – One Price System
•Only 10% Down Required to Take Property Off the Market
•Pre-Arranged Financing on Approved Credit
•Easy and Quick Closing Process
In addition, your property comes with each of the following:
•Guaranteed Buildable
•Free and Clear Title

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